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    You then select a product, which will be the automatic destination for new funds to make profit

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    Keeping reinvesting on recycles your repayments in the same investment product. Your new loans will always be at our latest rates, meaning that the overall rate on your loan book will evolve over time.

  • Earn Profit

    Each month you'll receive repayments from borrowers which you can withdraw, at no charge. You can withdraw your monthly repayments as they are paid back by borrowers or by selling your loans to other investors.


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Shari Finance is a platform for people with unconventional approach to Investing, which ultimately pays off with higher returns on an investors idle cash. This is more like investing in people rather than lending with much less risk factor and positive returns in most of the cases.

The registration process to become an investor and fast and simple. Some of the basic requirements to be eligible to become an investor are:

  • You must have a international passport
  • You must be more than 21 years old
  • You must have a valid bank account
  • You must have a valid Credit card
  • You must abide by Shari Finance Terms & Conditions
  • You must adhere to Investor's code of conduct
  • You must register your details on the website
Identity Proof Credit Card
Address Proof (any one of the following) Voter ID / Passport


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Invest Money Online & Multiply Your Savings

Investing at Shari Finance is very similar to stock market investments but with a much much less risk. Shari Finance is all about investing in people through a transparent, convenient and efficient process.

The process of investing in borrowers is fairly simple and streamlined.

  • Registration : Register your personal and professional details on Shari Finance. We do basic checks on the information provided and ask for some documentation
  • Account activation: Shari Finance verifies the information provided and activates the account
  • Browsing and selecting borrowers: Active investors can browse through the list of borrowers on the platform with varied risk profiles
  • Deal close and agreement signing: Investors can negotiate and close deals with individual borrowers and Shari Finance facilitates the agreement signing
  • EMI payments: All borrowers are encouraged to issue standing instructions in favour of their investors to make monthly payments easy and paperfree
  • After loan disbursement: Shari Finance intervenes for any delayed monthly payments and investors even have an option to engage an IMF registered recovery agency through Shari Finance in case of major defaulters

We may put limitations on your account at any time if we believe it is in order to comply with our legal obligations.


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Registration fee: Registration fee of $500 is applicable at signup for a new Investor.

Investment fee: An additional fee of $500 is applicable for every ($ 100,000) committed for investment on Shari Finance.

The returns you earn by investing through Shari Finance depend on your risk appetite. So, you decide the risk profile of borrowers you want to invest in and Shari Finance will facilitate the process afterwords.

Non-Payment of EMI: In case the borrowers do not transfer the EMI by the due date, additional penal interest would be applicable as per the loan agreement signed between the Investors and their respective borrowers and will be applied to the due amount for the duration of delay, which Borrowers will be liable to pay the Investor.

Shari Finance does not guarantee any returns on the capital. Shari Finance is a tech platform and it does not assume any credit risk on behalf of its users.


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  • You agree not to use the Shari Finance website or any information accessible on or obtained from it for the purpose of canvassing or soliciting any person or enticing any person away from Lendbox.
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What you should know

Balance Your Best Interests.


  • Minimum investment per loan, making it easier to build a diverse portfolio


  • Active investors who received returns that met or exceeded their expectations


  • Average FICO score of Prosper borrowers2(vs. U.S. average of 695)


  • Average annual income of Prosper borrowers4(vs. U.S. average of $72,641)